Example of OpenCVSharp 3 in Unity3D
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OpenCVSharp 3 in Unity Example

Author: Long Qian

Date: 2016-06-07

OpenCVSharp 3

Wrapper for OpenCV on .NET framework

See OpenCVSharp3

OpenCVSharp version should be identical to OpenCV version.

Unity3D Canny Edge Display

  • Conversion between OpenCVSharp image format (Mat) to Unity3D image holder (Texture2D). The conversion is paralleled, inspired by another example
  • Currently supports windows x86, x64 standalone and Unity editor.




For my PC, several reference assemblies need to be copied to Plugins folder:

  • PresentationCore.dll
  • UIAutomationProvider.dll
  • UIAutomationTypes.dll
  • WindowsBase.dll