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A launcher for windows
Python C#

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Wox is a launcher for windows, which was inspired by Alfred and Launchy. Wox provide an entry to search everything you want.


  1. Search applications, files and browser bookmarks (via plugin)
  2. Search web contents with shortcuts (e.g. search google with g keyword or youtube keyword)
  3. Themes support, get more themes from
  4. Plugin support, get more plugins from


More screenshot


Download from release page.


If you are a developer, feel free to send a pull request to Dev branch. We still have a lot functions and bugs need to do now. Just pick one from issues page that you think you can fix.

If you are not a developer, you can also help Wox by contributing the Wox doc.


If you have any questions about how to use Wox, please read Wox Documentation first. Wox documentation is a good place for users to understand Wox.


We build a Wox Fourms, so users can talk about everything about Wox there.

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