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Objective-C Swift
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Map Test

M117 Project: SerendiBuddy

Members: Kevin Qian, Qianmeng Chen, Alex Albanna

Project motivation and use cases:

  • Motivation:
  • Combine GPS and advanced network technologies with interpersonal communication
  • Establish a cohesive community based on and inspired by user’s physical environment
  • Gain application insight in Wireless Communications & App Development
  • Use Cases:
  • Share messages based on location
  • Exchange excitement, emotion, inspiration on a certain spot
  • Communicate randomly with new potential friends

Wireless Network:

  • GPS
  • Wi-Fi/Cellular

Hardware to Use:

  • iPhone
  • MacBook

Expected Functionalities and Difficulties:

  • Functionalities:
  • Associating messages uploaded by the user with geolocation
  • Real-time geolocation based data retrieval
  • User notification generated according to location service algorithm
  • Support for various media messages
  • Difficulties:
  • Incorporating GPS and utilizing device’s internal positioning system
  • Database management, support and operation
  • Multimedia processing
  • iOS App Development using Swift language and its Location Service library

Expected Contribution from Each Member:

  • Kevin Qian: Project Manager/Director, Framework Architecture, Implementer
  • Qianmeng Chen: Database Management, Interface Design, Implementer
  • Alex Albanna: Media Processing, Network Incorporation, Implementer
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