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Automatic 3D Urban Modeling from City-scale Aerial LiDAR Data

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UrbanReconstruction is the research project I developed during my PhD at the University of Southern California a long time ago. The technique is based on my PhD thesis:

3D Urban Modeling from City-scale Aerial LiDAR Data
Qian-Yi Zhou
PhD Thesis (Advisor: Ulrich Neumann)

See the project page for a complete list of publications related to this project.


The project is ancient. I am not intending to provide support. You are at your own risk.

For quick start, find the prebuilt package under the prebuild-win32 folder. The prebuilt package can also be downloaded from Google Drive. It includes executables, testing data, detailed documentation, and a demo video. The executables run on Windows platform. If you work on Linux or OS X, Wine may help you.

The src folder includes the source code of the entire project. The code was ancient. I developed it with Visual Studio 2008. A modern Visual Studio should be able to convert the project into a modern format and compile it. There might be some OpenGL or GUI related code that causes compilation problems. However, this project is a pure console program except the visualization and debugging tool called "huma". If it causes problem, just remove it.

The src_dualcontouring includes the source code of the 2.5D Dual Contouring paper. It is a duplicate of src/BldRecons/DualContouring, but can be compiled standalone.


The source code is released under the MIT license. You can do anything with the code with proper attribution. I developed this project in hope it will be useful. Please let me ( and Professor Neumann ( know if you are doing anything interesting with it.

See LICENSE file for details.

Help Wanted

The code is in good shape, and I believe it is still useful somewhere. However, I do not have the bandwidth to maintain this project. If you are willing to contribute, contact me, or submit issues and pull requests.

The current most immediate enhancement is to migrate UrbanReconstruction into a CMake build system and make it cross-platform. Please contact me if you can provide help for this.


Automatic 3D Urban Modeling from City-scale Aerial LiDAR Data




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