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Commits on Apr 21, 2012
Rory O’Kane roryokane improve grammar of instructions text c9660a2
Commits on Apr 22, 2012
Xueqiao Xu Merge pull request #5 from roryokane/patch-3
improve grammar of instructions text
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<h2 class="header_title">Instructions</h2>
<span id="hide_instruction">hide</span>
- click on the <span class="white">white</span> grids and drag your mouse to draw obstacles. <br>
- drag <span class="green">green</span> node to set start position. <br>
- drag <span class="red">red</span> node to set end position. <br>
- choose algorithm from right panel. <br>
- click start button at the lower right corner to start the animation.
+ Click within the <span class="white">white</span> grid and drag your mouse to draw obstacles. <br>
+ Drag the <span class="green">green</span> node to set the start position. <br>
+ Drag the <span class="red">red</span> node to set the end position. <br>
+ Choose an algorithm from the right-hand panel. <br>
+ Click Start Search in the lower-right corner to start the animation.
<div id="algorithm_panel" class="control_panel">

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