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+#SampleID BarcodeSequence LinkerPrimerSequence Treatment DOB Description
+#Example mapping file for the QIIME analysis package. These 9 samples are from a study of the effects of exercise and diet on mouse cardiac physiology (Crawford, et al, PNAS, 2009).
+PC.354 AGCACGAGCCTA YATGCTGCCTCCCGTAGGAGT Control 20061218 Control_mouse_I.D._354
+PC.355 AACTCGTCGATG YATGCTGCCTCCCGTAGGAGT Control 20061218 Control_mouse_I.D._355
+PC.356 ACAGACCACTCA YATGCTGCCTCCCGTAGGAGT Control 20061126 Control_mouse_I.D._356
+PC.481 ACCAGCGACTAG YATGCTGCCTCCCGTAGGAGT Control 20070314 Control_mouse_I.D._481
+PC.593 AGCAGCACTTGT YATGCTGCCTCCCGTAGGAGT Control 20071210 Control_mouse_I.D._593
+PC.607 AACTGTGCGTAC YATGCTGCCTCCCGTAGGAGT Fast 20071112 Fasting_mouse_I.D._607
+PC.634 ACAGAGTCGGCT YATGCTGCCTCCCGTAGGAGT Fast 20080116 Fasting_mouse_I.D._634
+PC.635 ACCGCAGAGTCA YATGCTGCCTCCCGTAGGAGT Fast 20080116 Fasting_mouse_I.D._635
+PC.636 ACGGTGAGTGTC YATGCTGCCTCCCGTAGGAGT Fast 20080116 Fasting_mouse_I.D._636

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