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Mass Spec Types Qiita Type Plugin

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Qiita (canonically pronounced cheetah) is an analysis environment for microbiome (and other "comparative -omics") datasets.

This package includes the Mass Spec Types Qiita type plugin.

#TODO: Add a description of the artifact types described in this type plugin.

How to test this package?

In order to test the Mass Spec Types package, a local installation of Qiita should be running in test mode on the address https://localhost:21174, with the default test database created in Qiita's test suite. Also, if Qiita is running with the default server SSL certificate, you need to export the variable QIITA_SERVER_CERT in your environment, so the Qiita Client can perform secure connections against the Qiita server:

$ export QIITA_SERVER_CERT=<QIITA_INSTALL_PATH>/qiita_core/support_files/server.crt


This plugin was created with Cookiecutter and the qiita-spots/qtp-template-cookiecutter project template.