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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Cross Platform and Multi Architecture Advanced Binary Emulation Framework
import sys
from typing import Mapping
from capstone import Cs
from qiling import Qiling
def __map_regs() -> Mapping[int, int]:
"""Map Capstone x86 regs definitions to Unicorn's.
from capstone import x86_const as cs_x86_const
from unicorn import x86_const as uc_x86_const
def __canonicalized_mapping(module, prefix: str) -> Mapping[str, int]:
return dict((k[len(prefix):], getattr(module, k)) for k in dir(module) if k.startswith(prefix))
cs_x86_regs = __canonicalized_mapping(cs_x86_const, 'X86_REG')
uc_x86_regs = __canonicalized_mapping(uc_x86_const, 'UC_X86_REG')
return dict((cs_x86_regs[k], uc_x86_regs[k]) for k in cs_x86_regs if k in uc_x86_regs)
# capstone to unicorn regs mapping
CS_UC_REGS = __map_regs()
def trace(ql: Qiling, address: int, size: int, md: Cs):
"""Emit tracing info for each and every instruction that is about to be executed.
ql: the qiling instance
address: the address of the instruction that is about to be executed
size: size of the instruction (in bytes)
md: initialized disassembler object
# read current instruction bytes and disassemble it
buf =, size)
insn = next(md.disasm(buf, address))
nibbles = ql.arch.bits // 4
color_faded = '\033[2m'
color_reset = '\033[0m'
# get values of the registers referenced by this instruction.
# note: since this method is called before the instruction has been emulated, the 'rip'
# register still points to the current instruction, while the instruction considers it
# as if it was pointing to the next one. that will cause 'rip' to show an incorrect value
reads = (f'{md.reg_name(reg)} = {[reg]):#x}' for reg in insn.regs_access()[0])
# construct a human-readable trace line
trace_line = f'{insn.address:0{nibbles}x} | {insn.bytes.hex():24s} {insn.mnemonic:12} {insn.op_str:35s} | {", ".join(reads)}'
# emit the trace line in a faded color, so it would be easier to tell trace info from other log entries'{color_faded}{trace_line}{color_reset}')
if __name__ == "__main__":
ql = Qiling([r"rootfs/x8664_linux/bin/x8664_hello"], r"rootfs/x8664_linux")
# acquire a disassembler instance bound to arch
md = ql.arch.disassembler
md.detail = True
# register the trace method to be called before each instruction
ql.hook_code(trace, user_data=md)
# go!