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Learn SiamFC easily
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This repository is the combination of two implementations of SiamFC tracker:

This repository is helpful to learn SiamFC. For doing more research on SiamFC, fork repositories above.

Why combine them?

Aiming at learning SiamFC, I search for a light-weighted python implementation of it until I find huanglianghua/siamfc-pytorch. In huanglianghua's code, GOT-10k toolkit (the excellent tracking toolkit) is used. For speeding up training, the data is processed by bilylee's code.


  • python 3
  • pytorch 1.0
  • opencv-python 3


  1. prepare data:

    See data_prepare/

  2. run training script:

    mkdir -p saved/test_model_weights saved/training_resume_state
  3. save weights for resuming training and testing:

    • the checkpoint for resuming training is saved in saved/training_resume_state (periodically / when Ctrl-c).
    • the weights for testing is saved in saved/test_model_weights.
    • script will auto select the newest weights.


run testing script:

cd SiamFC-pytorch-learning


Learn more about SiamFC

SiamFC 分析

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