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Sample setup for headless / command-line testing with Jasmine.js
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Sample setup for headless Jasmine testing

This is a sample setup for command-line / headless javascript testing, using Jasmine 2.0 and PhantomJS 1.9+

It's actually the same sample code that ships with Jasmine, tweaked to demonstrate the use of the improved console reporter.

The meat of it is in SpecRunner.js, where the console reporter is wired up.

With this setup you can also see test results through the HTML interface, by accessing the SpecRunner.html file in your browser.

Running the suite

Just call phantomjs, passing the path to run-jasmine.js and SpecRunner.html as arguments

phantomjs spec/run-jasmine.js spec/SpecRunner.html

Hyping it

Check the blogpost at

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