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Octopress Theme - YinYang

YinYang (陰陽) is a minimal, responsive theme for Octopress. Based on Greyshade


$ git clone .themes/yinyang
$ rake "install[yinyang]"
$ rake generate

Featured Image

One featured image can be added to each post. To do this, add a featured parameter to your markdown file. For example:

layout: post
title: This is a post
- blah
comments: true
featured: ""
published: true

Sharing Icons

At the moment YinYang uses AddThis. You need to register an account with them and put your id in _config.yml. source/_includes/post/sharing.html needs to be customised to your own settings as well. I might change this in the future. Their icons do not look fit.

Known Issues

On a horizontal iPad, the menu and the profile picture may overlap if profile description is too long and/or menu items are too many.


Greyshade | Orange on gray