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Release v6.0.0 #42

merged 100 commits into from Jun 26, 2013


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5 participants

xushiwei commented Jun 26, 2013

No description provided.

chzyer and others added some commits Mar 26, 2013

@chzyer chzyer Init version f51d3ec
@chzyer chzyer add test 07fd572
@chzyer chzyer remove old 50a66e8
@chzyer chzyer update travis 541e018
@chzyer chzyer update travis ce896f8
@chzyer chzyer add support for 2.6 8457256
@chzyer chzyer fix bugs eb62764
@chzyer chzyer fix bugs 74d1c96
@chzyer chzyer update 9464c9d
@chzyer chzyer update 91addd5
@chzyer chzyer Rename test file with a 'test' suffix df29d86
@chzyer chzyer add demo 4f3d742
@chzyer chzyer use smaller pic fdedd2b
@chzyer chzyer add resumable_io 30e2d44
@chzyer chzyer refactory 784deee
@chzyer chzyer remove limit of fop mode e7dc90c
@chzyer chzyer update f497080
@chzyer chzyer update 2c800c9
@chzyer chzyer update dc844ca
@chzyer chzyer update 8baba04
@chzyer chzyer fix bugs a3293ce
@chzyer chzyer remove old comment 58a6375
@chzyer chzyer fix bugs use chunk_size from PutExtra 4b31178
@chzyer chzyer add doc bd87e78
@chzyer chzyer change demo pic a4c5aa4
@chzyer chzyer update 15823ac
@chzyer chzyer update Readme af15de6
@chzyer chzyer fix fa5e360
@chzyer chzyer update demo 59b29d8
@carter2000 carter2000 Merge pull request #25 from chzyer/release/v5
Release v5
@chzyer chzyer fix checksum bug when blocksize over 4M bb25bec
@chzyer chzyer revert err info 14aeb07
@carter2000 carter2000 Merge pull request #26 from chzyer/hotfix/resumble_update_checksum_bug
Hotfix/resumble update checksum bug
@why404 why404 p_query 577ee6e
@carter2000 carter2000 Merge pull request #27 from why404/hotfix/auth_digest
@SunRunAway SunRunAway add crc32 check c97a17e
@SunRunAway SunRunAway add UNDEFINED_KEY in io&resumable_io fb74509
@SunRunAway SunRunAway fix 4c16523
@why404 @SunRunAway why404 + SunRunAway p_query ab45126
@SunRunAway SunRunAway add Mac & update GetPolicy cde28c7
@SunRunAway SunRunAway fix test 372f8dd
@SunRunAway SunRunAway update PutPolicy 58e20bc
@SunRunAway SunRunAway update fop 34b8f80
@SunRunAway SunRunAway travis 0a9bd2b
@SunRunAway SunRunAway update doc 6a15ad7
@SunRunAway SunRunAway fix f69d7d7
@SunRunAway SunRunAway add Mac & update GetPolicy ed63cbc
@SunRunAway SunRunAway fix test 9b14cf1
@SunRunAway SunRunAway update PutPolicy 9f5d3cf
@SunRunAway SunRunAway travis 6c60fc5
@SunRunAway SunRunAway update doc a8e0e4e
@SunRunAway SunRunAway fix ee1d268
@SunRunAway SunRunAway fix demo & test f9022ea
@SunRunAway SunRunAway Merge branch 'develop' into feature/1.0.2&1.0.1 82d95c0
@SunRunAway SunRunAway remove unused code 2951664
@SunRunAway SunRunAway use a photo which has exif info for testing 4490831
@SunRunAway SunRunAway update make_base_url 102ad36
@SunRunAway SunRunAway remove unused import e0f5653
@SunRunAway SunRunAway feature/rsf.list_prefix b265fc1
@SunRunAway SunRunAway add user-agent 98830c6
@SunRunAway SunRunAway fix 6544956
@SunRunAway SunRunAway private bucket can use fop-sdk eec2653
@SunRunAway SunRunAway v6.0.1 bd0363c
@SunRunAway SunRunAway fix test 479563a
@SunRunAway SunRunAway fix conflict 3d224f9
@SunRunAway SunRunAway fix conflict a839626
@SunRunAway SunRunAway version & nosetests f6f65e0
@SunRunAway SunRunAway fix bffb54e
@SunRunAway SunRunAway fix conflict 0c4b67e
@SunRunAway SunRunAway Merge branch 'feature/rsf' into feature/v6.0.0_add_UA 3cde735
@SunRunAway SunRunAway fix conflict 8cb6977
@SunRunAway SunRunAway update docs 1dcf503
@SunRunAway SunRunAway fix docs aed55a3
@SunRunAway SunRunAway up.qiniu.com & CHANGELOG 685af0b
@SunRunAway SunRunAway fix demo f1d7680
@SunRunAway SunRunAway Merge branch 'feature/rsf' into feature/v6.0.0_add_UA b07123f
@SunRunAway SunRunAway fix conflict d1cb5a2
@SunRunAway SunRunAway Merge branch 'feature/fop' into feature/docs 911fd28
@SunRunAway SunRunAway setup.py 4a01140
@SunRunAway SunRunAway update setup.py 3b11b97
@SunRunAway SunRunAway update CHANGELOG.md da48973
@SunRunAway SunRunAway fix pypi test 43576c2
@SunRunAway SunRunAway update README.md 93846a3
@SunRunAway SunRunAway fix 745f266
@xushiwei xushiwei Merge pull request #31 from SunRunAway/feature/1.0.2&1.0.1
@xushiwei xushiwei Merge pull request #33 from SunRunAway/feature/rsf
@xushiwei xushiwei Merge pull request #34 from SunRunAway/feature/v6.0.0_add_UA
feature/v6.0.0 add user-agent
@xushiwei xushiwei Merge pull request #35 from SunRunAway/feature/fop
Feature/6.0.1 fop
@xushiwei xushiwei Merge pull request #36 from SunRunAway/feature/docs
add setup.py & CHANGELOG.md
@xushiwei xushiwei Merge pull request #28 from SunRunAway/feature/1.0.3
@SunRunAway SunRunAway fix README.md & add demo.py in CI 0cc8b7c
@SunRunAway SunRunAway change config.py to conf.py cdc79b8
@SunRunAway SunRunAway change auth_token.py to rs_token.py 72ec29c
@SunRunAway SunRunAway changelog ebfdfc4
@SunRunAway SunRunAway fix conflict 5d44ab2
@SunRunAway SunRunAway make tests as their own folders 36cb96d
@SunRunAway SunRunAway update docs c2d716a
@SunRunAway SunRunAway change name & add list_prefix demo 162049f
@xushiwei xushiwei Merge pull request #41 from SunRunAway/feature/6.0.1-2
@xushiwei xushiwei Update CHANGELOG.md 01e77b6

@xushiwei xushiwei added a commit that referenced this pull request Jun 26, 2013

@xushiwei xushiwei Merge pull request #42 from qiniu/develop
Release v6.0.0

@xushiwei xushiwei merged commit 9eeca12 into master Jun 26, 2013

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