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IBM Quantum Challenge exercises

Original version of the exercises in the IBM Quantum Challenge.

What's in this repository?

In this repository you will find a copy of the exercises in the IBM Quantum Challenge, some useful hints and a live FAQ that we will fill-in as the challenge unfolds.

I'm stuck. How can I solve the exercises?

Take a look at the file for some advice on how to solve the challenges.

I'm getting errors when validating my solutions to the exercises, what can I do?

If you are experiencing problems when validating the exercises, try the following. Before you proceed, please keep a backup of your solutions since these steps will restore the exercises to their initial state and delete your progress.

  1. Create a new Qiskit Notebook.
  2. Add a new code cell, and then copy-and-paste this:
%pip install -I git+
!git clone ~/may4_challenge_exercises
!mkdir -p ~/may4-challenge
!cp -r ~/may4_challenge_exercises/* ~/may4-challenge
  1. Run the cell by pressing Shift+Enter.
  2. Reload the exercises that you opened again.

Where is the conversation happening?

There is a channel (#ibm-quantum-challenge) dedicated to the Challenge in Qiskit Slack. Join the conversation!

Feedback about the challenge

If you participated in the IBM Quantum Challenge and would like to give us feedback, please fill out this 2-minute survey:


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