A paperclip processor for applying rounded corners to PNG attachments
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Paperclip Rounded Corners

This processor generates rounded corners.


Just tell your style how to treat the borders (the syntax is based on CSS3), and add the 'round_corners' processor, either to the attached file or to specific styles. You probably want to make sure the output format can handle transparency.

class Image < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_attachached_file :avatar, :processors => [:round_corners], :styles => {
    :style1 => {:border_radius => 10, :format => :png, :geometry => '200x200'}

The radius values should be in pixels and will be applied after the geometry transformation.

Required: paperclip modification

In order for the plugin to work, also apply the patch proposed here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3382443/paperclip-error-no-decode-delegate-for-this-image-format


  • No elliptical borders
  • No shorthand syntax parsing (:border_radius => '10 5 10 0') as defined in CSS3
  • Only pixel values allowed as input