Python scripts to control blender for synthetic human images.
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Project tenon is a set of python scripts to automatically control blender rendering.

After clone this repo to disk. Run to render a bunch of images to data folder. The output of blender will be redirected to blender_stdout.log. If the result is not as expected, check the log file for diagnosis. If an error shows 'can not find blender', configure tenon/ to specify blender binary.

These scripts can be used in a headless mode for rendering, or be loaded into blender for interactive manipulation.

Example: Render synthetic human images

Before using this tool, makehuman addons for blender needs to be installed and configured correctly first. Otherwise the synthetic human pose will be very weird.

Install makehuman blender tools

  1. The tools should be downloaded from here

  2. The addons should be enabled in blender

  • menu: file -> user preferences -> file -> auto execution, check Auto Run Python Scripts.
  • menu: file -> add-ons -> use search function to find "Make Target" and "MakeWalk", select them.
  • click Save User Settings

Synthesize human images

cd examples
python ./

Rendered images will be saved to examples/lsp

Example: Use tenon in the python console of blender

tenonpath = '/home/qiuwch/workspace/tenon-pipeline/tenon'
import os, sys
paths = [tenonpath, os.path.join(tenonpath, 'examples/demo_lsp')]
[sys.path.append(p) for p in paths]