A web UI for zookeeper
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zk-web is a Web UI of Zookeeper, just making it easier to use. Sometimes I really get tired of the command line. zk-web is written in clojure with noir and boostrap. Currently there're just less than 450 lines clojure code at all. Clojure is really so simple and so elegent!


To use zk-web, you need leiningen and git currentlly. (And I'll make a stand-alone package later). Run the following command:

git clone git://github.com/qiuxiafei/zk-web.git
cd zk-web
lein deps # run this if you're using lein 1.x
lein run

Meet with zk-web at http://localhost:8080! I'am sure it's super easy!

Package UberJar

cd zk-web
lein uberjar


zk-web is also easy to configurate. It reads $HOME/.zk-web-conf.clj or conf/zk-web-conf.clj when it starts up. As you‘ve already seen, the configuration file is also clojure code. Let's see an example:

 :server-port 8989  ;; optional, 8080 by default
 :users {
         "admin" "hello"
         ;; map of user -> password
         ;; you can add more
 :default-node "localhost:2181/my-start-node" ;; optional


  • Jump to ancesters of a node in navigation bar.
  • List children of a node with link to them.
  • Show stat and data of a node.
  • Remember last 3 zookeepers you visit in cookie.
  • Create/edit/delete/rmr a node.
  • Simple authority management.
  • Default node for first-arrival guest.


  • Data Format - Format json, xml and so on.


  • @lra
  • @lispmind
  • @killme2008


Copyright (C) 2012

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.