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A ready-to-rock collection of npm modules and config files to jumpstart web projects.
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Web Starter Kit

A ready to rock collection of npm modules and config files to jumpstart web projects.

To Use

  • Run npm install and npm start to develop
  • Add project files to src/
  • When ready to deploy, run npm build to generate dist/

What's Included?

  • .gitignore: Not everything needs a backup.
  • Webpack: Automate all the things. Includes seperate dev and prod config files
  • Babel: Use new js in old browsers
  • HTML Webpack Plugin: Bundles it all up and outputs a browser-ready HTML file with auto-generate script tags
  • File loaders (CSS, SCSS, XML, CSV, HTML, image): The fun's not just for js! Get all the file types in on this sweet aqutomation
  • Sass: Write vanilla CSS or SCSS—choose your own adventure
  • Post CSS and Autoprefixer: No more worrying about polyfills or vendor prefixes
  • CSS Extraction: Pulls CSS into seperate file (as opposed to default style tag in HTML file)
  • Eslint and Prettier: Save me from myself with linting and autoformatting (There are a number of ways to get them to play nicely together. This is the method I followed:
  • Clean Webpack Plugin: Removes old dist/ before building a new one. No dusty files here
  • Lodash: Needed for webpack setup tutorial. Remove if not needed.

For the Future

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