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Dataset and code for "Counterfactual Story Reasoning and Generation"

This repo contains the dataset and code for the following paper:

Counterfactual Story Reasoning and Generation
Lianhui Qin, Antoine Bosselut, Ari Holtzman, Chandra Bhagavatula, Elizabeth Clark and Yejin Choi
EMNLP 2019

Dataset: TimeTravel

The dataset can be downloaded from here.

Data files includes (see examples below):

  1. train_supervised_small.json: supervised training set (the training set used in the paper experiments)
  2. train_supervised_large.json: supervised training set (a larger supervised training set as we annotated more)
  3. train_unsupervised.json: unsupervised training set
  4. dev_data.json: Dev set
  5. test_data.json: Test set

Data format in each file:

  • Supervised training data example
  "story_id": "4fd7d150-b080-4fb1-a592-8c27fa6e1fc8",
  "premise": "Andrea wanted a picture of her jumping.",
  "initial": "She set the camera up.",
  "counterfactual": "She asked her friend to draw one.",
  "original_ending": "Then, she jumped in the air. The picture kept coming out wrong. It took twenty tries to get it right.",
  "edited_ending": [
    "Then, she jumped in the air to demonstrate how she wanted it to look.",
    "The picture kept coming out wrong.",
    "It took drawing it several times to get it right."
  • Unsupervised training data example
  "story_id": "da0e85f1-c586-4236-a8a3-ee6421c8e71d",
  "premise": "Charles' mother taught her son to carry a pre-paid cell phone.",
  "initial": "As a job seeker, Charles put his cell phone number on applications.",
  "counterfactual": "As a job seeker, Charles used his cell phone to keep his information out of employers hands.",
  "original_ending": "He needed a real cell phone, but kept up with his pre-paid cell phone. One afternoon he was in a phone interview with Apple Computers. He ran out of minutes and never reached Apple's hiring manager again."
  • Dev / test data example
  "story_id": "048f5a77-7c17-4071-8b0b-b8e43087132d",
  "premise": "Neil was visiting Limerick in Ireland.",
  "initial": "There, he saw a beautiful sight.",
  "counterfactual": "It was the ugliest city he's ever seen.",
  "original_ending": "He saw the large and lovely River Shannon! After a few minutes, he agreed with the locals. The River Shannon was beautiful.",
  "edited_endings": [
      "He saw the small and lonely River Shannon!",
      "After a few minutes, he agreed with the locals.",
      "The River Shannon was lonely."
      "However, he saw the large and lovely River Shannon!",
      "After a few minutes, he agreed with the locals.",
      "The River Shannon was beautiful."
      "However, he did think the large River Shannon was lovely!",
      "After a few minutes, he agreed with the locals that Limerick wasn't as ugly as he though.",
      "The River Shannon was beautiful."


  • The code depends on Texar. Please install the version under third_party/texar. Follow the installation instructions in the README there.
  • Use to preprocess the raw text data and transform into TFRecord format. An example command is (please see the code for more config options).
python --data_dir=raw_data_dir
  • Run run_[X].sh for training/testing model [X].
  • Use for evaluation. An example command is
python --all-preds-dir data/100_output_proced --gold-file data/dev.jsonl &> 100_output_proced_metrics.log
  • The WMS and W+SMS metrics in the paper (Table.7) use the code here.


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code and data for EMNLP-19 paper "Counterfactual Story Reasoning and Generation"







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