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A list index & manager of Onedrive. Can be deploy to heroku/SCF/normal space.
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QQ Group: 943919989

Deploy to VPS(Virtual Private Server) 部署到VPS或空间

How to Install:
1.Start web service on your server (httpd or other), make sure you can visit it.
2.Make the rewrite works, the rule is in .htaccess file, make sure any query redirect to index.php.
3.Upload code.
4.Change the file config.php can be read&write (666 is suggested).
让代码中的config.php文件程序可读写,推荐chmod 666 config.php。
5.View the website in chrome or other.
6.Follow the guide, bind your onedrive.

Deploy to SCF


How to Install:


Deploy to heroku


How to Install: Click the button Deploy to Deploy a new app, or create an app then deploy via connect to your github fork.


Features 特性

When downloading files, the program produce a direct url, visitor download files from MS OFFICE via the direct url, the server expend a few bandwidth in produce.
When uploading files, the program produce a direct url, visitor upload files to MS OFFICE via the direct url, the server expend a few bandwidth in produce.
The XXX_path in setting is the path in Onedrive, not in url, program will find the path in Onedrive.
设置中的 XXX_path 是Onedrive里面的路径,并不是你url里面的,程序会去你Onedrive里面找这个路径。
LOGO ICON: put your 'favicon.ico' in the path you showed, make sure can be visited.
网站图标:将favicon.ico文件放在你要展示的目录中,确保 可以访问到。
Program will show content of '' under file list.
guest up path, is a folder that the guest can upload files, but can not be list (exclude admin).
If there is 'index.html' file, program will only show the content of 'index.html', not list the files.
Click 'EditTime' or 'Size', the list will sort by time or size, Click 'File' can resume sort.

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