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The continuation of FormHub

Collect, Analyze and Share YOUR Data!


FormShare is derived from the excellent Formhub platform developed by the Sustainable Engineering Lab at Columbia University. Later version of FormHub were developed by Ona IO as a software as service under the name of OnaData but then the code was left broken and unmaintained in favor of an "API" based platform. Formshare is the continuation of Formhub.

FormShare was created because:

  • I want to provide a open source free platform to private and public organizations for them to collect their own data.
  • ODK Aggregate, in my personal opinion, is badly designed, buggy and not interoperable.
  • will not maintain the user interface. I will maintain it.
  • There are some things that does not work. I will dedicate time to fix them.
  • Most of its dependencies might change over time and break the code. I will check them
  • The Formhub project is to good to lose it!

FormShare is not a software as service application thus is nowhere for you to sign up and pay for a subscription. FormShare is for organizations to install it in their own server or cloud service to serve ODK XForms and collect the submissions.




The current stable release is 1.1.0. Is available here


Please read the Installation and Deployment Guide if you want to install formshare yourself. You can also download the docker image :-)

Docker image

You can download the latest stable as a docker image here Some notes on docker:

  • The admin account is "admin" with password "formshare". Remember to change this password
  • Apache runs in port 80
  • Formshare runs in /formshare

To get and run the docker image in port 80 do:

$ docker pull qlands/formshare
$ docker run --publish=80:80 qlands/formshare


The best way to contribute to FormShare is by posting issues. Also if you can create a fix do:

  1. Fork FormShare
  2. Clone your fork in your local computer
  3. Create a branch for your fix based on the master branch
  4. Create the fix, commit and code an push the branch
  5. Crate a pull request

Code Structure

  • logger - This app serves XForms to and receives submissions from ODK Collect and Enketo.

  • viewer - This app provides a csv and xls export of the data stored in logger. This app uses a data dictionary as produced by pyxform. It also provides a map and single survey view.

  • main - This app is the glue that brings logger and viewer together.


At the moment there is no simple way to customize or extend the interface of FormShare. However you can edit some of the template files:

  • The footer can be found at /opt/formshare/src/formshare/libs/templates/footer.html . You can add any extra information here to appear in all the pages.
  • The homepage can be found at /opt/formshare/src/formshare/apps/main/templates/home.html . There is a section for logos there.


To generate a locale from scratch (e.g. Spanish)

$ makemessages -l es -e py,html,email,txt ;
$ for app in {main,viewer} ; do cd formshare/apps/${app} && makemessages -d djangojs -l es && cd - ; done

To update PO files

$ makemessages -a ;
$ for app in {main,viewer} ; do cd formshare/apps/${app} && makemessages -d djangojs -a && cd - ; done

To compile MO files and update live translations

$ compilemessages ;
$ for app in {main,viewer} ; do cd formshare/apps/${app} && compilemessages && cd - ; done