A Qlik Core gamification using bicycle sensors.
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A Qlik Core gamification using bicycle sensors.


This repository currently requires physical/hardware sensors to properly test it:

  • ANT+ USB stick to receive ANT+ events
  • ANT+ sensors attached to e.g. a bike


Additional components are needed on Windows:

  • node-gyp build tools: npm i -g --production windows-build-tools
  • USB driver for the ANT+ stick: http://zadig.akeo.ie/

Get started

docker-compose up -d
npm i
node server

And in another terminal:

npm start

Open http://localhost:1234.


  • If the server hangs after the printout reader:starting it is most likely related to missing NFC drivers. You can skip using NFC by passing a --disable-nfc flag when starting the server.



  • Add graphics for e.g. "velocity text" [*********--]
  • Implement multiple modes
  • Do not drop all the way to 0 height when dying, add warning when descending more than X, then kill at X * 1.5


  • Refactor game implementation
    • Fix physics/animations, make them less jaggy
    • Fix sprites for floor and clouds
    • Fix floor collision