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@qlikossbuild qlikossbuild released this Oct 1, 2019 · 12 commits to master since this release


f0472e0 feature: Add quiet-flag for fields and bash-completion for values (#429)
85b18db fix: Error handling in paralell calls (#427)
89a5b06 fix: Quiet flag precedence over traffic (#426)
89d163d fix: Release pruning (#423)
5f5874d Restructure logging and add quiet flag (#372)
fcab71d Update minor and patch (#421)
ad1808f Create and update dimensions and measures in parallel (#418)
22a9de9 Run SetProperties in parallel when updating multiple objects (#417)
cbf57da Add reload limit (#416)
56f7706 Always fetch connections regardless if configured in config (#412)
e7b6fe0 Changing prerun to exclude most context commands (#411)
832fe9b test: Add integration tests for certificates (#409)
0fa6d8c refactor: Refactor state.go to have one flow for connections (#407)

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