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Umbrella repository containing CLAs and general information about Qlik R&D's open source efforts.
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Open Source at Qlik R&D

This repository is used to give an overview of the open-source efforts at Qlik R&D, and how you start becoming a contributor to one or more of our open-source projects.

Quick links

Note to External Contributors

Hello there fellow developer, thanks for considering contributing to one or more of our open-source projects!

In order for us to accept any contribution(s) from you, we expect you to follow the Code of Conduct and electronically sign an agreement that mainly indicates that:

  • you are willingly licensing your contributions under the terms of the open source license of the project that you are contributing to, and,
  • you are legally able to license your contributions as stated.

Once you sign the Contributor License Agreement (commonly called a “CLA”), we will then have the possibility to accept your contribution(s).

If you are interested in reading more about why we require you to sign this agreement, please visit the CLA Rationale page.

To get started with this process, visit the Sign the CLA page.

On behalf of Qlik R&D, thank you again and we look forward working with you!

List of OSS Projects at Qlik R&D

Please see for the full list of open-source projects authored by Qlik R&D!

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