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Prerequisites for running the Python examples

To run the Python SSE plugin examples, you need Python version 3.4 or higher along with a few python libraries.

Anaconda is a Python distribution pre-bundled with multiple extra libraries. An installer can be downloaded from the Anaconda webpage. For a leaner installation, the default installer can be found on the webpage of the Python Software Foundation.

The following python libraries are needed for the specified SSE plugins:

Name SSE plugin(s)
grpcio all examples
numpy FullScriptSupport and FullScriptSupport_Pandas
pandas FullScriptSupport_Pandas

The simplest way to acquire the libraries is to use the Python package manager pip. Open up a command prompt, navigate to the examples\python\ folder, and then run the command:

python -m pip install -r requirements.txt.

If Python is correctly set up on the machines all the dependencies should get installed.


Dependencies and recommended versions are specified in requirements.txt. If you install the libraries manually, make sure to take a grpcio version that is compatible as there might be breaking changes between versions. If you need to have a different version installed for another Python project, consider using virtualenv.

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