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Variance Waterfall Chart for Qlik Sense. The Variance Waterfall chart is a Qlik Sense extension to provide variance analysis between two measures shown over the different values of a dimension. This type of chart is primarily used in financial Actual v's Forecast analysis.
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Variance Waterfall Chart for Qlik Sense

This extension is part of the extension bundles for Qlik Sense. The repository is maintained and moderated by Qlik RD.

Feel free to fork and suggest pull requests for improvements and bug fixes. Changes will be moderated and reviewed before inclusion in future bundle versions. Please note that emphasis is on backward compatibility, i.e. breaking changes will most likely not be approved.

Usage documentation for the extension is available at

Developing the extension

If you want to do code changes to the extension follow these simple steps to get going.

  1. Get Qlik Sense Desktop
  2. Create a new app and add Variance waterfall to a sheet.
  3. Clone the repository
  4. Run npm install
  5. Run npm run build - to build a dev-version to the /dist folder.
  6. Move the content of the /dist folder to the extension directory. Usually in C:/Users/<user>/Documents/Qlik/Sense/Extensions/qlik-variance-waterfall.

Original authors


Released under the MIT License.

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