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QMachine (QM) is a web service for distributed computing. Its design relaxes the usual requirements of a distributed computer so far that it can be powered completely by web browsers – without installing anything. This repository is structured as a superproject, which means that cloning it requires cloning its submodules, too:

$ git clone --recursive

As a model for computation, QM is described in a recent open access paper, QMachine: commodity supercomputing in web browsers. That paper, which is the most accessed paper of all time for BMC Bioinformatics, explains some of the design decisions behind QM, demonstrates its use in scientific workflows, and elaborates on some of its future directions. The accompanying screencasts, one of which was featured by the HPCwire and insideHPC news sites, are available on YouTube. QM has also graced the front page of Hacker News.

The manual is improving steadily, and a project wiki is also available for reference.


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