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Source code

There are a number of repositories associated with QMachine, and they are all being transferred to the QMachine organization on GitHub.

Browser client

The source code for the :doc:`browser client <browser-client>` is available at

Main project

The main project repository is the best place to start with development. It is structured as a superproject, which means that cloning it requires cloning its submodules, too:

$ git clone --recursive

There are also "mirrors" available at Bitbucket, CodePlex, GitLab_, and SourceForge. The repositories at Gitorious and Google Code will no longer be updated because those hosting services are being shut down.


The source code for the :doc:`Node.js module <nodejs>` is available at


The source code for a very incomplete Python package is available at


The source code for an experimental R package is available at


The source code for the :doc:`Ruby gem <ruby>` is available at