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    H E C K L I N G   A T   O N T O L O G I E S
    Asking what we can learn from comparing authorial and audience descriptions of the same media object.

	Saul Albert and Toby Harris
	Media & Arts Technology, Queen Mary University of London

The ontoheckle demo is a proof of concept that visualises the semantic
structure and contents of a video that has been marked up with using the BBC
Stories Ontology (http://www.contextus.net/stories/), alongside timed
transcripts of conversations in the form of tweets and 'heckles' between
audience members during a screening of the same video.

It consists of:

- A triple store (4store) 
- Two N3 formatted RDF files containing annotations of the video and
  RDF-formatted 'heckles'
- A javascript processing sketch for the visualisation component
- An HTML5 video player and some custom javascript functions to orchestrate the
  timing and display of the semantic properties of the video.

For installation instructions see the INSTALL file.