Cross compile Android Debug Bridge (adb) for 64-bit Windows
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Cross compile the Android Debug Bridge (adb) for 64-bit Windows

This is an all-in-one script to build the Android adb tool (v 1.0.36) for 64-bit Windows architecture. When executed, the script will download all the necessary files and it will run a custom makefile to build adb.exe executable.

By default, the Android SDK for Windows includes a 32-bit version of the Android Debug Bridge (adb). Some versions of Windows, such as Nano Server, do not include a 32-bit subsystem.

This project contains scripts which allow you to cross-compile adb on a Linux machine (we've used Ubuntu 16.04) for 64-bit Windows.


  • A Git client
  • A toolchain which allows you to cross-compile for 64-bit Windows on Linux


sudo apt-get install  mingw-w64 git make
git clone
cd adb-win64

# Get the sources from Google

# Build OpenSSL

# Build adb

You'll then have a 64-bit adb.exe in your current folder.


The scripts are based on: