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Grave Escape

If you're using a 60% keyboard, or any other layout with no F-row, you will have noticed that there is no dedicated Escape key. Grave Escape is a feature that allows you to share the grave key (` and ~) with Escape.


Replace the KC_GRAVE key in your keymap (usually to the left of the 1 key) with KC_GESC. When pressed it will behave like KC_ESC, but with Shift or GUI held it will send KC_GRAVE.


Key Aliases Description
KC_GESC GRAVE_ESC Escape when pressed, ` when Shift or GUI are held


There are several possible key combinations this will break, among them Control+Shift+Escape on Windows and Command+Option+Escape on macOS. To work around this, you can #define these options in your config.h:

Define Description
GRAVE_ESC_ALT_OVERRIDE Always send Escape if Alt is pressed
GRAVE_ESC_CTRL_OVERRIDE Always send Escape if Control is pressed
GRAVE_ESC_GUI_OVERRIDE Always send Escape if GUI is pressed
GRAVE_ESC_SHIFT_OVERRIDE Always send Escape if Shift is pressed