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Atom47 rev2

This is the keymap for rev2 of the Atom47. Only 9 of those have been sold for testing purposes. It had a slightly misaligned usb port and the pcb was too thick (should've been 1.2mm instead of 1.6mm). The pcb only supports the default hardware layout, although /u/ChrisSwires has modified his and put a big spacebar in it.


Keyboard Maintainer: Matthew Kerfoot
Hardware Supported: Atom47 rev2
Hardware Availability: None


  • QMK Firmware
  • In-switch leds
  • Through-hole micro usb connector (less likely to break off!)
  • Easily reachable reset button under the spacebar
  • In-switch CapsLock indicator


To build the default keymap, simply run make atom47/rev2:default.

For an alternative, heavily modified layout you would just need to run make atom47/rev2:LEdiodes.

See build environment setup then the make instructions for more information.

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