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Adds a default value for IS_COMMAND for COMMAND feature (#4301)
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* Add default value for IS_COMMAND for COMMAND feature

* Cleanup and consistency

* Update Templates to reflect change

* Fix IS_COMMAND in template

* Fix IS_COMMAND define

* Use consistent IS_COMMAND block in templates

* Remove unnecessary `#undef IS_COMMAND` directives

* Fix compile issue on orthodox

* Reomve IS_COMMAND option for newer boards

* Remove all existing definitions of IS_COMMAND if they use default LSHIFT and RSHIFT setting

* Remove a couple of additional IS_COMMAND defines

* Remove remaining redundant IS_COMMAND definitions

* Remove #undef IS_COMMAND from orthodox:drashna and whitefox:konstantin

* Remove multiple empty lines in modified config.h files

* Update additional boards

* Reomve IS_COMMAND from newer boards

* Update Alice keyboard

* Remove IS_COMMAND from additional boards

Jan 24th edition
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drashna authored and mechmerlin committed Jan 26, 2019
1 parent 478538e commit b05c0e4
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