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[Keyboard] Move Keebio boards to own folder (#5109)
* Move boards into keebio folder

* Rename keymap

* Update BDN9 files

* Update BFO-9000 files

* Update Chocopad files

* Update Dilly files

* Update Fourier files, collapse rev1 into main

* Update Iris files

* Update Laplace files

* Update Levinson files, fix buswerks keymap

* Update Nyquist files

* Fix keymap issues

* Update Quefrency files

* Update Rorschach files

* Update TF68 files

* Update Viterbi files

* Update Viterbi files

* Update Wavelet files

* Reformat default layout

* Fix up default folder for Iris

* Remove already defined aliases
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nooges authored and drashna committed Feb 13, 2019
1 parent 9948527 commit b2ee290
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Showing 442 changed files with 543 additions and 483 deletions.