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Creates a layouts/ folder for keymaps shared between keyboards (#1609)
* include variables and .h files as pp directives

* start layout compilation

* split ergodoxes up

* don't compile all layouts for everything

* might seg fault

* reset layouts variable

* actually reset layouts

* include instead

* remove includes from

* update variable setting

* load visualizer from path

* adds some more examples

* adds more layouts

* more boards added

* more boards added

* adds documentation for layouts

* use lowercase names for LAYOUT_

* add layout.json files for each layout

* add community folder, default keymaps for layouts

* touch-up default layouts

* touch-up layouts, some keyboard

* update documentation for layouts

* fix up serial/i2c switches
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jackhumbert committed Aug 24, 2017
1 parent 7260fc3 commit d2ff66a985b938e87fffe55c1d9f1dc55e356f91
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