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Add function to support split-keyboard in rgblight.[ch]. (#5020)
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* add temporary file that is rgblight.c call graph

* add rgblight_update_hook()

* update (temporary file)

* add more hook point

* add TODO comment

* temporary Revert "add TODO comment"

This reverts commit df6165a.

* temporary Revert "add more hook point"

This reverts commit 64592b0.

* temporary Revert "add rgblight_update_hook()"

This reverts commit 432b74c.

* add rgblight_update_hook()

* add more hook point

* add TODO comment

* implement rgblight_update_hook()

* remove rgblight_update_hook(), add RGBLIGHT_SPLIT_SET_CHANGE_XXXX

rgblight_update_hook() is too large.
change to simple flag setting.

* shrink rgblight_config_t

* implement rgblight_update_sync()

Note: The animation synchronization process has not been implemented yet.

* update quantum/ (temporary file)

* rmove quantum/ (temporary file)

* update rgblight.c

* Add temporary code to Helix keyboard 'five_rows' keymap to test rgblight.c .

* fix build break rgblight_update_sync() when all animation off

* fix quantum/rgblight.c:rgblight_disable_XX() add RGBLIGHT_SPLIT_SET_CHANGE_MODE

* quantum/rgblight.c change code order: move rgblight_update_sync()

* add mode_base_table[] to quantum/rgblight.c

* quantum/rgblight.c use mode_base_table[] and rgblight_status.base_mode

* quantum/rgblkght.c animation timer integration

* quantum/rgblkght.c add animation sync for split keyboard

* fix mode_base_table[] and snake effect

* fix build break keyboards/mxss.

keyboards/mxss's local rgblight.c need old version rgblight.h

* rgblight.c: fix animation sync

* quantum/rgblight.c: fix snake effect sync

* quantum/rgblight.c: animation sync interverl 30 sec

* quantum/rgblight.c: fix rgblight_effect_rainbow_swirl() and rgblight_effect_knight()

* quantum/rgblight.c: add macro RGBLIGHT_SPLIT_ANIMATION

* cherry-pick from 'rgblight_modes.h sample implementation'

* fix RGBLIGHT_SPLIT_ANIMATION check position

* Update temporary code in Helix keyboard 'five_rows' keymap to test rgblight.c

* Reduce the firmware size by 1500 bytes when rgblight_effect_breathing() is enabled.

* Changed to rgblight_sethsv_eeprom_helper() for easier reading.

* add fail-safe code to quantum/rgblight.c:rgblight_task(),rgblight_timer_enable()

* remove temporary code in Helix keyboard 'five_rows' keymap

* quantum/rgblight.c: add split-keyboard master side sync functions

add functions:
  uint8_t rgblight_get_change_flags(void);
  void rgblight_clear_change_flags(void);
  void rgblight_get_syncinfo(rgblight_syncinfo_t *syncinfo);

change function:
  void rgblight_update_sync(rgblight_syncinfo_t *syncinfo, bool write_to_eeprom);

* Change rgblight_update_sync() to use write_to_eeprom.

* remove TODO comment from quantum/rgblight.h

* Revert "fix build break keyboards/mxss."

This reverts commit 90b9a1a.
(Separated this change into the newly opened PR #5461.)

* Revert "Reduce the firmware size by 1500 bytes when rgblight_effect_breathing() is enabled."

This reverts commit b61004e.

* update quantum/rgblight.c: Code size reduction when not using RGBLIGHT_SPLIT.

* Add temporary code to Helix keyboard 'five_rows' keymap to test rgblight.c .

* add temporary pdhelix(Patched Helix) code

* Add temporary code to split_common/transport.c to test rgblight.c.

* Finish testing rgblight.c with helix keyboard.

Revert "Add temporary code to Helix keyboard 'five_rows' keymap to test rgblight.c ."

This reverts commit 0bf81a4.

* Finish testing rgblight.c with quantum/split_common code.

Revert "Add temporary code to split_common/transport.c to test rgblight.c."

This reverts commit 71db3e2.

* remove temporary pdhelix(Patched Helix) code

This reverts commit 5287e51.

* Added description of RGBLIGHT_SPLIT macro to docs/

* add RGBLIGHT_SPLIT_SET_CHANGE_HSVS to rgblight_init()

* Changed to restart animation only when changing mode.

When changing hue, sat and val, the animation is not restarted and continues.
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mtei authored and drashna committed Apr 19, 2019
1 parent dd64a4e commit dfab177
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Showing 4 changed files with 384 additions and 208 deletions.
1 change: 1 addition & 0 deletions docs/
Original file line number Diff line number Diff line change
Expand Up @@ -75,6 +75,7 @@ Your RGB lighting can be configured by placing these `#define`s in your `config.
|`RGBLIGHT_VAL_STEP` |`17` |The number of steps to increment the brightness by |
|`RGBLIGHT_LIMIT_VAL` |`255` |The maximum brightness level |
|`RGBLIGHT_SLEEP` |*Not defined*|If defined, the RGB lighting will be switched off when the host goes to sleep|
|`RGBLIGHT_SPLIT` |*Not defined*|If defined, synchronization functionality for split keyboards is added|

## Animations

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