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adds DZ60 support #1734

merged 2 commits into from Sep 19, 2017

adds DZ60 support #1734

merged 2 commits into from Sep 19, 2017


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@jackhumbert jackhumbert merged commit 32d6a8b into master Sep 19, 2017
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Dbroqua commented Sep 19, 2017


Excellent, thank you!

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Member Author

:) I haven't been able to test this - just going off of the schematic from kbdfans! If anyone is able to ensure it works, that would be great!

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Dbroqua commented Sep 19, 2017

I'm waiting for my PCB.

I will try as soon as I receive my PCB (if it's the same PCB as the Tina one: ).

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evyd13 commented Sep 19, 2017

If everything goes well I will receive mine in a day or two. Will test this of course.

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Member Author

Yeah, I'm not sure what all keyboards use it, but I'd like to list them all in the readme once confirmed!

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evyd13 commented Sep 25, 2017

Works perfectly with my DZ60, thanks!

VadimBrodsky added a commit to VadimBrodsky/qmk_firmware that referenced this pull request Oct 12, 2017
* rgblight support for ps2avrGB

* Simplified ps2avrGB rgblight_set logic a bit

* Added a build flag for using a custom rgblight driver

* Fixed rgblight_types.h

* Always send 3 * RGBLED_NUM bytes through I2C on ps2avrGB

This wasn't going to work on boards with a different number of LEDs,
since I was always sending 48 bytes.

* Fixed indentation and now using quantum keycodes for rgblight

* adds a default ergodox_infinity keymap

* fix for toggle tap dance

* Basic support for JM60 keyboard

This adds basic support for JM60 RGB PCB that was sold
by KBDfans

No support for RGB Backlight yet.

* Use KC_GESC keycode instead of custom function

* Changed USB manufacturer to "JMWS"

Don`t know, if this is 100% correct, but the original software refers
to "JMWS JM60 Driver".

* Update tv44-belak keymap

* Updates send_string functionality, adds terminal feature (qmk#1657)

* implement basic terminal stuff

* modify send_string to read normal strings too

* add files bc yeah. working pgm detected

* pgm detection apparently not working

* adds send string keycodes, additional keycode support in send string

* implement arguments

* [terminal] add help command

* [terminal] adds keycode and keymap functions

* [terminal] adds nop.h, documentation

* update macro docs

* Add jojiichan keymap

* [planck] Adds Sean Hunter keymap(qmk#1706)

* Sean Hunter initial keymap

* Update old map to sync it up with new one

* Add TODO
fix a few minor things

* small doc fixes

* Minor fixups

* updated file

* Add support for MF68 replacement PCB for Magicforce 68 (qmk#1698)

* Port TMK code for MF68

* Change KEYMAP to KC_KEYMAP and add macro

* Further updated ergodone (qmk#1714)

* updated file

* added image to flash hex on ergodone

* corrected image link

* updated direct image link

* image with larger text

* Some revisions to cbbrowne Planck keymap, and a preliminary xd75 keymap (qmk#1715)

* Add HOME/END keys as upper/lower on arrow-up/down

* Reduce .hex file size by turning off unneeded options

* Put digit keypad onto left hand upon RAISE; this will sometimes be preferable to double-hits of right hand

* Latest super latest version merge

* cbbrowne keymap for XD75re

* starting notes on XD75re keymap plans

* First draft of bottom row of QWERTY

* Switch my special bottom line over to QCENT

* Dunno

* Filling in wanted keys, bit by bit...

* Add copyright, extra macro

* Clean up comments, remove some experimental code I didn't like

* TODO plans for xd75re

* clean up keyboard layout

* QCENT2 is my new experiment for the main keyboard...

* Add a few more main layer keys, and modify LOWER to shift things outwards to conform with main layer

* Clean up RAISE layer to conform with main layer, remove QCENT layer as QCENT2 is the new thing

* More xd75 changes, now that I actually have it in hand

* shift keymap around, as original attempt was a bit too aggressive in keeping to the edges

* more revs to XD75

* Dropping parts of the centre keypad in favor of Keys I Really Need

* Improve documentation to conform with how builds are done now

* Improve documentation to conform with how builds are done now

* Add cbbrowne rules file as alternative to having the rules in Makefile

* Makefile not needed anymore for individual keymap

* Adapt build instructions to new keyboard name

* Remove accidentally pasted line in MF68 readme

* "New" Atreus Keymap (qmk#1717)

* Merge with upstream

* Finish merge

* Add new keymap

* Change use of KEYMAP macro

* Add

* Fix link

* Clean up comments

* Raise on leading edge of keypress

* Add Levinson keyboard (qmk#1723)

* Fork lets_split to levinson

Update subproject default

* Update Readme

* Pass LED backlight info from master to slave over serial

* Cleaned, revised, and updated my keymaps to reflect new changes/defaults (qmk#1712)

* add new RGB keycodes and clean up lets split keymap

* extraneous cases

* More cleanup and added macro

* one more macro

* cleaned up my planck keymap and added macros

* Transitioned planck keymap to new formatting / audio modes based on new default

* Remove extraneous newline in song list, add keycodes missed in previous commit

* error in graphical representation of keycodes

* Update Mechmini keymap, reduce reported power consumption for iOS Camera Adapter compatibility

* Wording changes for the WSL install script

* Adding Ergodox EZ and Atreus Dvorak 42-key layouts (qmk#1705)

* importing 42 key dvorak layout

* added comment for build instructions

* adding atreus dvorak 42 key layout

* added readme

* add readme

* build instructions

* additional MEH shortcuts

* Updated README in ergodox_infinity keyboard (qmk#1702)

* changed 'infinity' to 'ergodox_infinity' and specified to be in the top-level directory as per recent changes to directory structure of QMK_firmware git repo

* accidently removed '-' in last line of readme

* [core] fix rgb source include

* Got luizribeiro's ps2avrgb implementation working for Mechmini

* Change max brightness level for iOS

* Update on/off toggle behaviour for RGB LEDs

* Fixes for RGB, more colours

* Keymap updates

* Add RGB code (from ps2avrgb and luizribeiro/qmk_firmware)

* Updated RGB code to use event.pressed

* Improve readme and PID codes for Atreus.

* Address issue qmk#1713 (qmk#1728)

* Remove redundant Makefile.

* Added Auto Shift, tap key = normal, hold key = shifted state.

* KC_TILD should not have been listed as an auto shift key

* Fixed a few typos and spelling errors in auto shift feature document

* Adding a new layout for the planck that helps when coming from the pok3r (qmk#1701)

* adding new layout for the planck that helps when coming from the pok3r

* Fixing the function layer

* Update

* Update keymap.c

Making some small adjustments

* Update keymap.c

switching GUI and Esc

* Update keymap.c

* Fixed uk78 and turned Bootmagic off  (qmk#1725)

* Add files via upload

* Update

* Update

* Add files via upload

* Add files via upload

* Update config.h

* convert to unix line-endings [skip ci]

* adds DZ60 support (qmk#1734)

* adds support for dz60

* fix dz60 readme

* Instruct VSCode to indent using spaces, also ignore two temp files created by VSCode.

* add layout mitosis-datagrok (workman variant)

* Adding my keymap with Colemak Mod-DH

* Turkish planck keymap (qmk#1675)

* Adding keymap

* Adding keymap

* Compiles now, but doesn't flash

* Fixes issues with compilation

* Trying to fix issues with tap-dance layer

* Trying to fix issues with tap-dance layer

* Trying to fix issues with tap-dance layer

* Fixed bbaserdem layout

* Added keyboard layout image

* Edited

* Changed layout and removed image from

* Changed tapping terms

* Changed layout a bit

* move keymap to

* add filess

* Clone Nyquist keyboard for Viterbi

* Rename cloned Nyquist files to Viterbi, create temporary keymaps

Add WIP keymap for dwallace

* Update default Viterbi layout

* Adjust Viterbi pinout

* Update Viterbi keymaps

* Contribute a DZ60 keymap for 67 key configuration

* add conditional for planck-mitch keymap

* updated keycodes media descriptions

Platform compatibility descriptions added for mute, volume up/down

* platform descriptions to match master documentation

* Fixed typo of "multually" to "mutually"

* Add shell.nix for NixOS users

* Add my gherkin keymap, and update readme and config

* Removed unneeded code from keymap

* XD75RE Custom layout, and clarification in (qmk#1754)

* Duplicate default layout as basis of my own

* Basic Colemak layer, just to practice flashing

* Add reset button so that we don't have to short out the reset button on the board to flash it.

* Symbols layer

* Navigation layer, and remove unused keys. Now usable, nice.

* Correct backspace for UK QWERTY mapping

* Small clarification in XD75RE readme instructions

* Use UK pipe so that I can type a pipe on a UK keyboard

* Update Viterbi default layout (qmk#1753)

* Implement sticky modifiers

* Change underglow based on sticky mod status

* Set RGB lights based on which mods are stickied

* Add controls for dimming RGB LEDs

* Only update RGB lights if modifiers have changed

* Use all LEDs to show modifier state

* Create default keymap for Viterbi

* Move work from pinky fingers to thumbs and index fingers (qmk#1749)

* phreed keymap added
This keymap moves many pinky keys to the center

* set to do what I want but LT() does not return to previous layer

* get overlays working

* get overlays working

* fix the readme

* fix the readme

* swapped the shift

* swapped the shift

* propagate mods

* clear special char on readme

* New layout for XD60/64 (qmk#1748)

* Add yuuki keymap

Documentation is still a TODO and the keymap may not be final

* GRV on colon

* add KC_GRV to FN ESC

* hhkb ish

* hhkbish 2

* HHKBish and documentation

* Fix Markdown warnings

* typo

* Added Obelus

tearing it down so that it can be rebuilt

fiddling with audio

big default config overhaul

apparently startup sounds work without the override now


readme fixes

readme tweaking

* `?=` -> `=`

* remove all makefiles from keyboard directories

* Support for KBP V60 Type R 60% keyboard (qmk#1770)

* Support for KBP V60 Type R 60% keyboard

Support does not include in switch or underglow lighting for Polestar Edition.

* rename v60type_r to v60_type_r

* Remove old v60type_r

* Modify to adhere with QMK readme formatting.

* updated drashna's keymaps (qmk#1769)

* Add woodpad

* Cleanup

* Remove misc layouts for woodpad

* Move woodpad to handwired

* Updated RGB Underglow info

* added matrixman layout

* Clueboard 60% support (qmk#1746)

* initial clueboard_60 support

* LED lighting support

* fix the clueboard->clueboard_66 rename

* Add layout support to clueboard_60

* Fix the 60_iso layout so it's actually iso

* add a default keymap for AEK layout

* fix clueboard_17

* Fixup the ISO layouts

* Fix the `wait_ms()/wait_us()` definitions for chibios

* Fix up the wait_ms/wait_us hack. Reduce stack size.

* Add a missing #include "wait.h"

* commit files that should have already been comitted

* Fix HSV Color Wheel image on RGB Light page (qmk#1773)

Signed-off-by: Max Riveiro <>

* Don't process keycodes on the slave

* Fix dynamic macros on ChibiOS keyboards

* Add new planck layout (qmk#1778)

* Custom layout: tehwalris

* Prevent stuck modifiers.

* code_friendly_qwerty keymap

* ergodox: Update algernon's layout to v1.11

Overall changes

* Updated to work with QMK master.
* The `$` and `^` symbols on the number row were swapped on both the base and
  the ADORE layers.
* The bracket tap-dance keys can now be used to input Japanese brackets, `「`
  and `」` with a third tap.
* The second column of the top row on the right side will act as a "Social"
  application selector on the `AppSel` layer.
* The third key on the same column will select a password manager.
* The `GUI` key will now launch `rofi` when triple-tapped.


* The `👶` symbol can be entered with UCIS.
* The `👪` symbol can be entered with UCIS.


* `tools/hid-commands` can now find the `Mstdn`, not just `Slack`, as the
  "Slack"/chat app.
* `tools/hid-commands` can now find the Plex web app as a music/media player.
* `tools/hid-commands` now understands the "Social" application selector. It
  raises the `Mstdn` and `Tweetdeck` windows, but keeps focus on the previous
* `tools/hid-commands` now understands the "Social2" application selector, which
  raises `Signal` and `Viber`, but keeps focus on the previous window.
* `tools/hid-commands` is now able to select a password manager (KeePass*).
* `tools/hid-commands` can now run `rofi` when receiving an `appsel_helper`
  command (triggered by a triple-tapped `GUI` key).

Signed-off-by: Gergely Nagy <>

* Reference to in tap dance docs added

Change-Id: I64aa6f95a30ab05f0ed3f499e54b9e125d379fad

* Mbsurfer Let's Split keymap updates (qmk#1787)

* Fix mbsurfer let's split layout RGB indicators when both lower and raise are pressed

* Update mbsurfer let's split keymap with new RGB key codes for modes

* Clean up mbsurfer keymap matrix layout

* Edited a minor typo in

* Minor typo

* Adding my Roadkit keymap (qmk#1798)

* Initial khord roadkit keymap

* Remove bad readme

* Transfer dot through to layer 2 and add clarifications to layout comments

* [cleanup] consistent 2 space indentation

Was mixed between 2&4

* Update Let's Split readme

Updated Let's Split readme to reflect `make` changes in qmk#1659, removed incorrectly used apostrophe and other spelling / grammar errors

* Add new 4x12 ortho layout & add credit to XD75 port (qmk#1782)

* add xd75, preliminary RGB'

* fix RGB

* add backlight support (probably)

* updated readme and tweaked keymap

* added xd75 to list in /keyboards

* copyright ALL the things, create blank slate for Colemak Mod-DH Split/Wide keymap

* Add preliminary split Colemak Mod-DH layout

* changing stuff to compile properly

* attribution

* moar attribution

* removed incomplete keymap

* Create Colemak Mod-DH Wide layout for 4x12 ortho.

* Move Adjust key

* Add layou timage to readme

* fix naming

* Fix stupid issue with not understanding how the keymap works

* forgot to switch COLEMAK to COLEMAKDH...

* Remove and link image

* Remove and link image

* Generic Pointing Device (qmk#1767)

* Increase one-shot timeout for planck/keymaps/dshields and remove unused includes.

* Consistent fabian layouts for amj40, let's split, planck and xd75 (qmk#1812)

* slight modifier changes; added plover and reusing jack's default planck keymap as the basis

* space is not shift when held anymore

* added fabian layout (based on jack's default)

* changed fabian layout (based on jack's default)

* changed fabian layout (based on jack's default)

* Fix Clueboard readme links (qmk#1816)

* correct layer numbers in keymaps

* correct extraneous t

* Fixed typo in docs. (qmk#1818)

* Add my layouts (qmk#1822)

* all of my updates

* return to base config for xd60.c

* remove janky keymap header definition

* update readme for xd60

* update Planck readme

* Contribute GH60 layout (qmk#1820)

* Add first version of my layout

* Tweaked layout

* gh60/bluezio: SpaceFn CapsLock interferes with Ctrl+Arrows

* Added Dichotemy Keyboard, updated docs for Pointing Device (qmk#1817)

* Added Dichotemy Keyboard, updated docs for Pointing Device

* Updated readme

* Updated mouse report pointer in pointing_device.c

* Added ISO Hungarian friendly keymap (qmk#1808)

* Add files via upload

* Add files via upload

* Add files via upload

* Add files via upload

* Update keymap.c

* Update keymap.c

* Update keymap.c

* Update keymap.c

* Qwerty Code Friendly: relocate insert key

This was too easy to press by accident (next to Alt).
Make this user configurable.

* 	neue Datei:     keyboards/lets_split/keymaps/DE_simple/Makefile
	neue Datei:     keyboards/lets_split/keymaps/DE_simple/config.h
	neue Datei:     keyboards/lets_split/keymaps/DE_simple/keymap.c
	neue Datei:     keyboards/lets_split/keymaps/DE_simple/

* 	geändert:       keyboards/lets_split/keymaps/DE_simple/keymap.c

* 	neue Datei:

* 	geändert:       keymap.c

* 	geändert:

* 	geändert:

* Cleanup of my keymaps (qmk#1802)

* Add woodpad

* Cleanup

* Remove misc layouts for woodpad

* Move woodpad to handwired

* Updated RGB Underglow info

* Cleanup macros

* Fix odd merge issue

* Tweaked RGB lighting stuff

* Start to merge orthodox/ergodox keymaps (persistant layers)

* Add forced NKRO

* Added Colemak and Dvorak layers to default orthodox keymap

* Added default layer (qwerty/colemak/dvorak) detection to RGB Underglow

* Updated my Gherkin Keymap

* ErgoDone keyboard: Improved structure of readme and augmented it with important information. Updated links to moved content.

* qmk#1792 added in waits from tmk for locking switches

fixes qmk#1792

* Fix missing teensy path

* Add option to reverse PS2 mouse axes and scrolling

* add stock layout for xd75 (qmk#1731)

* add stock layout for xd75

* fix layout bug

* layout naming

* don't need it

* Cleaning up

* newkb-atreus-xk

* Write a contributing guide. (qmk#1827)

* Fix the presentation of the contribution guide
@skullydazed skullydazed deleted the dz_support branch March 9, 2020 22:03
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