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zvecr and drashna Tidy 40percentclub boards (#4403)
* Remove unnecessary re-definitions for XXXXXXX and _______

* Update 6lit to use KC_NO in layout macros

* Update rules.mk to follow current template

* Remove use of deprecated function action_get_macro - unused and contents were from old template

* Remove use of deprecated function action_get_macro - all code was commented out

* Remove use of deprecated function action_get_macro - convert macro to use process_record_user

* Convert keymap to consistent use of _______

* fix use of old style header guards

* Swap KC_NO for XXXXXXX macro since the swap to the macro for KC_TRANS

* Resolve use of ?= in rules.mk files

* Remove duplication of rules.mk and config.h in gherkin mjt keymap

* Remove unnecessary #includes

* Align layout macros so foobar can use gherkin keymaps

* Align 6lit layout macros with foobar

* Remove ifndef QUANTUM_DIR from keymaps
Latest commit b173c05 Nov 12, 2018




Somewhere between ortholinear and standard offset. Created to have all the same functions on a Planck in a keyboard but with a more conventional keyboard row stagger.

Keyboard Maintainer: filoxo, [network_operations]
Hardware Supported: PCB design, Arduino Pro Micro
Hardware Availability: How to order


To flash the UT47 without LEDs (single controller), run:

make 40percentclub/ut47:default

To enable the UT47 LEDs (dual controller), run this for the main controller:

make 40percentclub/ut47:default LED_ENABLE=yes

Or you can add LED_ENABLE = yes to rules.mk

And then flash LED_controls.ino to the second controller using Arduino IDE or similar. NOTE: Arduino IDE will require importing additional libraries to compile.

The reason this is an "opt-in" feature is to prevent sending serial communication over the pin, in case it ends up being used for something else (like RGB underglow).


Go to the default layout README for more information.

Additional info

Credit: Forked from di0ib TMK version

See build environment setup then the make instructions for more information.

Build Guide

u/network_operations' build guide thread