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lucwastiaux and drashna [Keymap] add android studio keyboard shortcuts to dvorak 42 key atreu…
…s / ergodox layouts (#5423)

* add SCREEN_NAV layer for copy/pasting within screen

* working readreg/paste macros

* working read reg / paste macros

* write log and tran patterns, and expand

* add ls -la shortcut, add tab on combined layer

* put delete word on the right pinky key on shell_nav layer

* add TAB on the right side, add reset key

* added Cloud9 macros

* add cloud9 shortcuts to atreus layout

* added BROWSER_CONTROL layer

* finalized browser control layer

* adding comment

* add browser control layer to atreus

* add flashing command line

* remove the tab on combined layer

* remove the tomouse

* remove mouse layer, change log/tran expand patterns, cleanups

* add dumptlog macro

* add "delete to home" shortcut

* fix conflict

* remove unneeded mouse layer

* add meh shortcuts on the browser_control layer

* add/modify some macros

* explain the various layers

* putty paste is right mouse button

* add android studio shortcuts

* allow switching between base and alternate base layouts

* replace cloud9 shortcuts with android studio

* more android studio shortcuts

* add two meh shortcuts on keynav layer

* additional android studio shortcut

* added defines for android studio
Latest commit 3a2eb68 Mar 18, 2019


A small mechanical keyboard that is based around the shape of the human hand.

These configuration files are specifically for the Atreus keyboards created by Phil Hagelberg (@technomancy). This keyboard is available in two variants: one powered by a Teensy 2, (usually hand-wired) one powered by an A-Star. (usually using a PCB) This repository currently assumes that you have an A-Star powered Atreus. If you are using a Teensy2, specify that by adding TEENSY2=yes to your make commands.

Keyboard Maintainer: Phil Hagelberg
Hardware Supported: Atreus, PCB-based or hand-wired
Hardware Availability:

Make example for this keyboard (after setting up your build environment):

make atreus:default:avrdude

Unlike the TMK firmware, this command should be run from the root of the repository, not the directory containing this readme.

If your keyboard layout is a mirror image of what you expected (i.e. you do not get QWERTY on the left but YTREWQ on the right), then you have an A-Star powered Atreus (older than March 2016) with PCB labels facing down instead of up. Specify that by adding PCBDOWN=yes to your make commands.

See build environment setup then the make instructions for more information.

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