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wanleg and drashna Big Switch and 5x5 edits (#4168)
* 4x4 - pro micro version

* pro-micro setup on 4x4

* tap dance LCTL/RESET key

* remove test file

* more research

* revert a couple un-intended edits

* opt_defs version of adding custom rules.mk variables

* cleanup

* cleanup

* cleanup

* cleanup

* layout edits

* layout edits

* keymap edit

* numpad layout change

* got tap dance layer-switch working

* keymap changes

* temporary revert

* restore previous settings

* misc fixes

* layer order change

* fix layout matrix

* Update tapdances.c

* playing around with triple tap dance

* sync with upstream

* quick edit

* tapdance cleanup

* mod tap interrupt

* tapping term edit

* tapping term adjust

* 5x5 board edits

* set gherkin tapping term

* big switch tap dance edit

* tapping term refinements

* 5x10 layout setup

* add audio for bigswitch

* keymap change

* keymap change & created testing board

* sound setup for big_switch

* more big switch size testing

* bigswitch testing finished

* final touch-ups
Latest commit 6f6d28f Oct 19, 2018


Big Switch PCB by flehrad

Designed by Don of the Board Podcast and sold as a kit by keeb.io

PCB Files


Technical Specifications

  • Uses a atmega32u4 pro micro or pin compatible MCU
  • Pins B5 and B6 connect to the pins on the Big Switch
  • Optionally you may add a RGB strip to pin D3 for data and take power from VCC and GND