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Catch 22 Budget Hotswap Macropad

GB by /u/rockydbull run in July 2018, PCB designed with help from /u/Kilgarah.

Designed to be a budget project board to enjoy hotswapping/switch testing/macro making fun. The board is controlled by a pro micro clone made famous by other projects like the lets split, iris, and nyquist and allows for full QMK implementation. Each Catch22 kit will contain:

  • 2 pcbs (one to solder to and one to be a base)(green color)
  • 1 pcb material switch plate( green color) with cut out for pcb mount cherry stabilizers
  • 40 throughhole diodes (22 for the pcb and the remaining as extras in case you lose one and to use to make the pro micro removeable without desoldering)
  • 22 Kailh hotswap sockets
  • 1 smd reset button
  • 1 dip socket to mount between the pcb and pro micro if you choose to make it removeable without desoldering
  • 5 (12mm) m2 standoffs
  • 10 m2 screws
  • Genuine Cherry pcb mount 2u stabilizer
  • 4 rubber bumpons
  • Pro Micro is included in kit