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Talljoe and jackhumbert Make `PREVENT_STUCK_MODIFIERS` the default (#3107)
* Remove chording as it is not documented, not used, and needs work.

* Make Leader Key an optional feature.


* Remove `#define PREVENT_STUCK_MODIFIERS` from keymaps.
Latest commit 7434494 Sep 17, 2018


Clueboard Logo

Clueboard makes fully customizable custom keyboards in a variety of formfactors. Inside this directory you'll find support for the entire line of Clueboard products.

  • Maintainer: Zach White
  • Hardware Supported:
    • 17: Clueboard "Cluepad" PCB
    • 60: Clueboard 60% PCB
    • 66: Clueboard 66% PCB
    • 2x1800: Clueboard 2x1800 PCB
    • card: Special Cluecard PCB
  • Hardware Availability: clueboard.co