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Numeric Keypad IIe

Numeric Keypad IIe

This is a conversion project for the Numeric Keypad IIe, model A2M2003. This was an external keypad that connected to the Apple //e's motherboard (and as such, it lacked any kind of onboard controller).

The reference conversion setup uses the keyboard's DB15 (VGA) fixed cable connected to a DB15 wiring terminal with breakout board (this one, specifically) and wired to an Arduino Micro.

Keyboard Maintainer: Adam Newbold
Hardware Supported: Internal Numeric Keypad IIe PCB (Apple part 820.0081.c), ATmega32U4 microcontroller

Make example for this keyboard (after setting up your build environment):

make converter/numeric_keypad_IIe:default

See the build environment setup and the make instructions for more information. Brand new to QMK? Start with our Complete Newbs Guide.

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