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narze's layout


  • SuperDuper mode for Ergodox is still under development, since combo keys does not work very well on Ergodox firmware. Now it is using multiple layers as a workaround. Actual implementation using combos are on my Planck layout.

Key features

  • Qwerty + Colemak layouts, and you can type Qwerty on software-level Colemak as well. Very useful for gaming or when your friend wanna type something but don't use Colemak.
  • (S)uper (D)uper Mode inspired by jasonrudolph, with some extensions such as backspace & forward delete.
  • Mouse keys with Z

(S)uper (D)uper Mode

Press S+D simultaneously and hold, then...

  • H/J/K/L for Vim-like movement
  • I/O to move between browser tabs (Not working on Windows yet)
  • A for Option (Alt)
  • F/; for Backspace/Forward delete
  • A with H/L to move to previous/next word
  • A with G/; to delete to previous/next word
  • G for Cmd (Gui/Windows)
  • Available for all layouts (but plover) using physical S & D keys position in qwerty
  • Spacebar for Shift (it's easier when already holding A with your pinky)
  • Disable with Raise+Lower+M
  • You can edit or add more useful keys in SUPERDUPER layer
  • It can be activated by holding / as well, but it's slower since LT() uses TAPPING_TERM of 200ms but S+D uses COMBO_TERM of only 20ms (Can be changed within config.h)

Build instructions

If your environment is ready to build with make, don't use docker since it takes 5m+ to compile. Use the instructions in Ergodox Infinity's readme.

Left side (Docker)

cd /path/to/qmk_firmware
util/ ergodox_infinity:narze
avr-objcopy -Iihex -Obinary .build/ergodox_infinity_narze.hex .build/ergodox_infinity_narze_left.bin
dfu-util --device 1c11:b007 -D .build/ergodox_infinity_narze_left.bin

Right side (Docker)

You have to override usb_args in order to pass MASTER=right to docker using provided build script.

cd /path/to/qmk_firmware
usb_args="-e MASTER=right" util/ ergodox_infinity:narze
avr-objcopy -Iihex -Obinary .build/ergodox_infinity_narze.hex .build/ergodox_infinity_narze_right.bin
dfu-util --device 1c11:b007 -D .build/ergodox_infinity_narze_right.bin
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