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Gray COD67

The Gray COD67 is a 60% keyboard with a modern and bold design. It features 20 RGB Underglow LED lights and a unique diffuser placement. The COD67 has the most stunning RGB light strip for a custom mechanical keyboard. It also features a center mounted USB C port.

There were only 75 units made worldwide.

Keyboard Maintainer: MechMerlin
Hardware Supported: Gray COD67
Hardware Availability: Zfrontier

At this time, flashing ONLY works on Windows systems.

To put in bootloader mode, hold the Esc key while plugging in the USB cable.

The COD67 will show up as a drive.

Make example for this keyboard (after setting up your build environment):

make gray_studio/cod67:default:bin

See the build environment setup and the make instructions for more information. Brand new to QMK? Start with our Complete Newbs Guide.

Rename the resulting .bin file to cod67.bin.

Drag and drop cod67.bin to the drive, overwriting the previous cod67.bin stored on it.

Press the Esc key again to reset the board. You are now ready to type!


The backlight pin is attached to a non PWM pin D4 so backlight is only on/off.

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