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Multi OS Katana60 layout image

Multi OS Katana60 layout

Based on the default Katana60 layout, customized by Josef Adamcik with several basic layers (Colemak vs Qwerty, Mac OS vs Linux/Win)

  • Supports 4 default layers: Colemak Mac, Qwerty Mac, Colemak Win/Linux, Qwerty Win/Linux. Switching between default layers is persisted. For more details about Mac vs Win/Linux see below.
  • There are arrows mapped to the right side of the bottom row on Katana6O. I kept this mapping but modified it a bit - when you press and hold any of the first three arrow keys it acts as a modifier (CMD, OPT, CTRL). If you just tap it, it acts as an arrow.

Mac versus Win/Linux layers:

  • Modifiers are ordered differently. Mac version has (from the middle to the outside): CMD, ALT, CTRL, Win/Linux version has CTRL, ALT, CMD. It's meant to make switching between platforms easier.
  • Extend layer is different, so the keys which represent shortcuts ("previous/next word" and "copy", "paste", "cut", "undo") work properly.

More details - reasons for some choices in this layout

I use Mac for work and Ubuntu at home. So I would like to stay compatible with both systems. The main problem is the modifiers. Firstly, they tend to be ordered differently on Mac keyboards. Secondly, the main modifier on Mac is CMD (equivalent to WIn or SUPER on other keyboards). The same role is played by CTRL on Windows and Linux. Most of IDE’s or editors (Android Studio, VS Code, SublimeText) follow this habit in their OS-specific keymaps.

I am a user of the Colemak layout. But I would like to have the ability to switch to qwerty. That would allow my other people to use my keyboard occasionally.

I am a heavy user of keyboard shortcuts. So I need the layout to support my needs. Some keyboard layout has modifiers only on one side of the keyboard or they hide some of them (CMD) under a key combination. I tend to press the modifiers for a key shortcut with the opposite hand to the one which presses the letter.

Layout in

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