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nooges and drashna Add support for RGB LEDs wired directly to each half's controller (#5392

* Add support for wiring RGB LEDs for both halves directly to their respective controllers

RGB LEDs for each half don't need to be chained together across the TRRS cable with this

* Add split RGB LED support for serial

* Update config/rules for bakingpy layout

* Un-nest ifdefs for hand detection

* Read RGB config state from memory instead of EEPROM for serial updates

* Reuse existing LED pointer instead of creating new one
Latest commit f077204 Mar 24, 2019
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rev3.c [Keyboard] Move Keebio boards to own folder (#5109) Feb 13, 2019
rev3.h [Keyboard] Move Keebio boards to own folder (#5109) Feb 13, 2019
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