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Xyverz and drashna Keyboard: LED fixes for Kinesis Stapelberg controller, and keymap cha…
…nges (#3564)

* Rules for vitamins_included

Added a section to disable RGB underglow for the Let's Split
   Vitamins Included board.

* fixing ortho_4x12 configs

* Using upstream/master version instead

* Additions and Corrections

Corrected the Kinesis/Stapelberg's .c file to allow LEDs to work
Removed excess cruft from my Kinesis keymap to reflect this change
Other minor tweaks and adjustments to my ortho_4x12 and 5x12 layouts

* Updated readme
Latest commit 3e8f272 Aug 4, 2018

kinesis_stapelberg keyboard firmware

This folder contains the firmware customization required to run QMK on the custom controller for the Kinesis Advantage created by Michael Stapelberg. It differs from the alvicstep keyboard in that the existing QMK Kinesis Advantage project uses the existing controller board provided by Kinesis.

The controller board hardware is described here

Mapping the pin assignments was done using the corresponding matrix description provided at this link

This code makes no attempt to drive the four LEDs provided on the controller board.

Building the Hardware

If you want to perform this customization, these parts may be helpful.

Function Quantity Vendor Part Number
13 pin connector for function keys and finger keywells 4 Digi-Key WM14526-ND
10 pin headers for thumb clusters 4 Digi-Key 609-3250-ND
8 pin cable for thumb clusters 2 Digi-Key SAM8928-ND
Teensy++ 2.0 1 Digi-Key 1528-1056-ND
2 pin right angle header for reset 1 Digi-Key 3M9467-ND
Reset cables 2 Sparkfun PRT-09140

The board and connections are shown here controller board

The Teensy mounting detail can be seen here. I used a socket for prototyping. teensy detail

Since the proper mounting of the Teensy board places the reset button in a tight space, I added a 2-pin header to the reset and ground pins on the edge of the board. Shorting these two pins together will reset the board. I also put female to male header jumper cables on these so they could be accessed outside the enclosure. The exterior cables can be seen here. exterior reset



To build with the default keymap, run make kinesis/stapelberg while in the QMK directory.


This keymap contains a dvorak implementation as well as media and symbol layers.

Run make kinesis/stapelberg:dvorak while in the QMK directory.