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QMK Firmware for 大橘子外设 (Large Orange Peripheral)'s 60% Org60 PCB

Top View of a pair of XD60 Keyboards (same layout as Org60)

Quantum MK Firmware

For the full Quantum feature list, see the parent

Additional Notes

GH60 Variant

The Org60 seems to be a variant of the XD60 (which is essentially a GH60 rev. C, with support for a right-hand arrow cluster), which has USB-C and built-in RGB underlighting.

Compatibility with GH60 expansion boards is unknown.


Board also supports in-switch LEDs (two-pin, single colour), as well as WS2182 LED strips for underglow lighting.

Default keymap included, matching configuration on sale page.

Backlight Issues

Taken from r/mk

MOSFET that drives the in switch LEDs is not connected to a PWM pin. (It is connected to pin F5). Fix mentioned in reddit post re-routes to pin B5. You will have to change the pin to B5 in config.h


To build the default keymap, simply run make org60:default.