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The 'wait' for something isn't the most conscious desire, but that anticipation creates nostalgia.

At Rama Works, you've embraced this. From updates of the blog, to direct communication with the community, being part of a Rama Works product doesn't just start when you receive it. If you've ever received a Rama Works product, you know that no detail is overlooked.

Let us take you on a journey that will capture that sensory experience, and explore the gravitational interaction between aesthetic and design. The Rama Works 'X' element personifies the understanding that taking something away doesn't necessarily make it less.

This is the sound of Rama Works. Never too busy-a feeling of delightful modern weightlessness. A rich sonic experience. Sparse and ethereal, this music boldly inhabits a nondescript, borderless space. Warm, synthetic textures, bespoke musical sound design. percussive elements percolating and accentuating movement on the screen and in the stereo field. a sonic palette full of clicks, taps and resonances evoking a sense of calm comfort and familiarity.

More info at RAMA WORKS

Keyboard Maintainer: Wilba6582
Hardware Supported: RAMA KOYU PCB
Hardware Availability: RAMA WORKS Store

Make example for this keyboard (after setting up your build environment):

make rama/koyu:default

See the build environment setup and the make instructions for more information. Brand new to QMK? Start with our Complete Newbs Guide.

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