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yanfali and drashna [Keyboard] Add TA-65 PCB to QMK (#6180)
* [keyboard] TA-65 by maartenwut

 Add ta65 to QMK with 4 layouts

* Simplify config.h

* Simplify keymap

* Update bootloader

 - confirmed to be qmk-dfu by maartenwut

* Update keyboards/ta65/

Co-Authored-By: fauxpark <>

* Review feedback

 - fauxpark recommendations
 - noroadsleft recommendations

* Repair info.json structure

JSON objects were not properly nested according to the QMK specification.

* Switch info.json to "debug linting"

So I can read the file more easily.

* Remove k2c and k31 from LAYOUT_tsangan

k2c was the Non-US Hash position, and k31 was the Non-US Backslash position, but this layout is intended for ANSI.

* Correct LAYOUT_tsangan data in info.json

* Update tsangan keymap to use updated LAYOUT_tsangan macro correctly

* Rename LAYOUT_tsangan to LAYOUT_ansi_tsangan

Increased clarity.

* Rename tsangan keymap as default_ansi_tsangan

Per QMK Keyboard Guidelines.

* Fix object ordering for ISO layouts in info.json

ISO Enter's object was out of sequence in both layouts.

* Rename ISO keymaps per QMK Keyboard Guidelines

- rename iso keymap as default_iso
- rename iso_tsangan keymap as default_iso_tsangan

* Add default_ansi keymap

For user reference.

* Enable Community Layout support

LAYOUT_ansi and LAYOUT_iso conform to the 65_ansi and 65_iso Community Layouts, respectively.

- rename LAYOUT_ansi to LAYOUT_65_ansi
- rename LAYOUT_iso to LAYOUT_65_iso
- update keymaps as appropriate
- add LAYOUTS rule to

* Disambiguate key labels in info.json

* Remove trailing white space from info.json

* Update keyboards/ta65/keymaps/maartenwut/config.h

Co-Authored-By: Drashna Jaelre <>
Latest commit 1a2a54c Jun 24, 2019

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